Why go private cloud?

- 87% cost reduction versus public cloud
- Your data never leaves your data center
- Customized for *your* business
- Reduce or eliminate Vmware licensing
- High performance

Why Storage Virtualization?

- Cut storage costs by more than half
- Runs on standard x86 servers
- One storage management for all storage
- Seamlessly manage anyone´s storage
- Integrates with physcial servers, VMware and Hyper-V
- Eliminates tape, VTL and backup software
Consider PRX Storage Virtualization When You:
Storage Virtualization for Auto-tiering & Optimization
DataCore allows you to create up to 15 tiers of storage and will automatically
migrate data to the tier that delivers the right performance at the right time

Implement a Turnkey OpenStack Self-Service Private Cloud

VMware Cloud vs OpenStack
Software Cost Analysis

No. of 2 CPU Servers: 




Cost Ea



VMware vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus Acceleration Kit - 6 CPU + vCenter *





VMware Operations Management Enterprise Plus Acceleration CPU License *





VMware Virtual SAN CPU License






VMware Total





VMware Total w/Discount





OpenStack Per Server Production Support - includes virtual storage






OpenStack Total





OpenStack Total w/Discount





Total Savings w/OpenStack






* http://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere-operations-management/pricing
Deploy an affordable OpenStack self-service private cloud on premise in less than 60 days. With a single click developers can roll out fully functional multi-server application development and testing environments in minutes rather than waiting days, weeks or months. In addition to dramatically reducing acquisition and operational costs when compared to Vmware or public cloud offerings like Amazon, the benefits of an on premise private cloud deployment include:

  • The flexibility of cloud computing with known security and privacy
  • Enable Agile development through real-time application environment deployments
  • Spark innovation through enablement
  • Faster time to software operational deployment
  • More testing time and iterations
  • Better quality through more testing iterations
  • Better data center density - more bang for your buck with high denisty computing

The operational and infrastructure cost reductions can be significant when compared to proprietary solutions like Vmware. The savings are significant versus public cloud offerings as well when compared at scale.

A self-service OpenStack deployment from PRX gets you up and running quickly - in as little as 60 days from date of order. Spend your time building applications instead of building infrastructure. In addition to helping you design your private cloud the deployment includes software defined networking, software defined storage, a hypervisor, OpenStack orchestration, installation, configuration, training and ongoing support of your environment.

The PRX OpenStack private cloud can be deployed in half rack, full rack or multi-rack increments in your own data center or at a hosting provider. It is elastic and can grow as your internal demand grows. Dense compute nodes allow for up to 80 physical servers per rack. The PRX private cloud can be deployed in a single data center or multiple data centers. Use your private cloud for development, testing and/or production.

The end result is a web-based self-service portal that enables developers to build and deploy their own application environments for developing and testing in minutes without any human intervention. The use of containers will enable super density and tens of thousands of application environments in a single rack. Environments can be deployed in the private cloud permanently or temporarily. The OpenStack orchestration can enable internal chargeback/report back and metering.

Contact PRX today at info@prxtechnologies.com or 888-589-6441 for more information or to discuss your private cloud requirements.

No Obligation OpenStack Briefing

Are you interested in accelerating your application devlopment while reducing your depdendency on Vmware? Learn how OpenStack with KVM hypervisor can increase application development productivity while dramatically lowering your infrastructure costs.

Why OpenStack private cloud?

How about $2.12/month vs. $90.00/month for a public cloud virtual server?

Click Here to download the full analysis.

PRX OpenStack Services

Leverage PRX experience and expertise to build your private cloud in as little as 60 days.

  • Design & Architecture
  • Use Case & TCO Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • Chargeback Modeling & Implementation

Watch this 90 second video to learn more about the SanDisk´s 512TB Infiniflash all flash storage array...

  • Compatible with most software defined storage solutions like DataCore, Scality, Ceph, etc.
  • 512TB´s in a 3U form factor; scale out to 128PB
  • 2x life-cyle (keep your storage longer)
  • 90% lower power and cooling costs compared to spinning disk arrays
  • 90% less datacenter space
  • 10x performance
  • 90% lower operational costs
  • 10% uptime with non-disruptive data migration and hot-swappable components
  • Lower TCO versus hybrid or 15K SAS storage arrays

In the news...

June 17, 2015 - PRX partners with Lenovo to sponsor College World Series event in Omaha, NE.

June 08, 2015 - PRX partners with SanDisk and Datacore to sponsor MinneAnalytics Big Data conferences in Minneapolis, MN.

June 01, 2015 - Data Virtualization vendor Denodo added to the PRX portolio. Data Virtualization from Denodo delivers on-demand real-time data access to many sources as integrated data services with high performance using intelligent real-time query optimization, caching, in-memory and hybrid strategies. These are automatically (or manually) chosen based on source constraints, application need and network awareness. Denodo data services scale horizontally and vertically to meet most analytical and application needs. More info...

May 04, 2015 - PRX adds Database Acceleration Appliance to the portfolio. The PRX Database Acceleration Appliance increases database storage performance by more than 10x by providing dedicated storage cache and a tier of high-speed FLASH to your existing storage infrastructure. More info...

Reducing The Cost of Storage: Storage Reduction Strategy Whiteboard Session

Don´t get us wrong - we´d love to sell you a ton of new disk technology. The reality is that you are choking on disk costs as your business users refuse to get rid of any data and are creating even more versions of your data through analytics and business intelligence projects. Let´s meet to explore new strategies for reducing your storage footprint and your storage spend. We can help you explore these cost and space saving initiatives:

  • Segregate storage management away from proprietary physical storage devices in order to leverage lower cost industry standard hardware components
  • Move from traditional monolithic RDMS (Oracle, DB2, Sysbase, MS SQL, etc.) to scale-out NoSQL databases that leverage low cost industry standard hardware; no more expensive SAN to store your databases
  • Deploy low cost industry standard all flash storage with deduplication and compression; 95% less data center space, power and cooling with 10x better performance, 2x lifecycle and 100x more reliable versus spinning disk arrays
  • Deploy Data Virtualization technologies to avoid/mitigate duplicate data in your environment while dramatically improving Time to Develop, Time to Deploy, TTM, Time to Engage. Performance, Impact Analysis and Enterprise Architectural Alignment.

Complete the form below to schedule a time to meet with our expert consultants to discuss how these strategies will help lower costs, increase availability and increase performance in your storage and database environments.